Frequently Asked Questions

Aadme Consulting And Coaching Pvt Ltd is one of the Asia’s leading digital marketing training institute providing 100% practical live training to the students along with the internship program for the real-world exposure. We train our students and help them to achieve their goals in the professional career.

In today’s world scope of digital marketing is highly in demand as each and every business owner and corporates are transforming digitally. So, in this regard, there is an enormous number of opportunities arising and still counting in this industry. Apart from these, there is also a wider scope of digital marketing in promoting and branding through digital platforms is the fastest mode of marketing to target a large number of audiences.

Digital marketing is an industry which is open for each and every individual. Housewives can choose this career for earning through online. Students will choose this as a part-time career for their earnings and also to pay off their own college fees. Working Professionals choose this career in order to get into a reputed organization as a digital Marketer.

There are wide range of digital marketing jobs and freelancing projects are out there in the market.

If you are opting for this career you can Find infinite number opportunities which is suitable for you.

You can get into a corporate as a full-time digital marketer. You can start freelancing as a part-time career. If you want to be an influencer this is one of the best choices of career for you to reach people. If you want to showcase your talent in social media and youtube and want to be recognized by people digital marketing is the best option for you.

As a fresher, you can expect 20 to 30 K per month depending upon your performance.  If you have an experience of more than one year you can earn up to 6 figures of income every month as there are many profiles in the Digital marketing which are one of the highest-paid profiles in a well-established corporate organization.

Digital marketing services are in high demand as it helps to increase brand awareness and get more sales and business. If you are planning to open a digital marketing agency, this is the right choice for you to get started with.

We are India’s 1st Agency Based Digital Marketing Training Program, As we provide all the support and assistance to those individuals who want to start a digital marketing agency. Life time mentorship program will be provided and all the guidance to start your career. We also provide manpower support for your digital marketing agency.