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From student to digital leader - AADME, the top digital marketing institute in Kanpur, Transforming your career with practical skills and real-world results.

Paid Internship | 1 On 1 Doubt Clearing | 5+ International Certifications | Lifetime LMS Access | 100% Job Assistance | Internship Work Experience Letter | Student Loan Facility | Easy EMI Options

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Experience the difference at AADME, the best digital marketing course Kanpur, goes beyond theory to forge real-world skills. Emerge as a confident and sought-after digital expert.

Aadme Awarded as the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Learning Platform in 2023

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AADME's, the best digital marketing coaching in kanpur, dedicated placement cell opens doors to exciting opportunities at top companies, just like our successful alumni who are making waves in the digital landscape.

Meet Your Trainer

Get personalized career advice and feedback from industry veterans who've walked through each corner of the digital marketing path before you.

digital marketing course in Ameerpet

Build a Career-Proofing Arsenal with AADME

AADME, the best digital marketing training institute in Kanpur committed to provide quality training and practical experience that helps you to land your dream job and build unshakable career

Is Aadme's Digital Marketing Course in Kanpur Right for You?

At AADME,(the bets digital marketing course in kanpur) No matter your background, our comprehensive course equips you with practical skills and sets you on the path to digital success.


No more dreaming of digital stardom, AADME makes it real! Unleash your online magic, build a dynamic career. Your gateway to a brighter future starts in Kanpur.

Working Professionals

Reimagine your career with AADME. Upskill in digital marketing, ignite your hidden potential, and take your professional ride to the next level.

Agency Owners

Master the latest digital marketing trends, from AI to automation, and equip your team with the skills to thrive.


From kitchen whiz to digital whiz! AADME equips you with the skills to turn your passions into profit, without compromising on family time.


From local gigs to global wins! AADME equips you with the cultural awareness, marketing mastery, and client acquisition strategies to crack the US market.

Business Owners

Stop chasing customers, attract them like magnets! AADME reveals the secrets to targeted campaigns, optimized conversions, and overflowing profits.

Our Leadership Modules

Unlock your digital dominance at AADME, the best digital marketing institute in kanpur. Master leadership modules that reignite your online presence and empower you to rule the digital kingdom.

Go-To-Market & Business Fundamental Leadership

Brand Building & Advanced Social Media Selling

SEO in-Depth For Marketing Leaders

E-Commerce Marketing in-depth

Paid Advertisement & Marketing Automation Leadership

Agency & Entrepreneurship Mastery

Business Growth Hacking

Webinar Leadership

Copy Writing Mastery

Want To Learn From India's No.1 Powerful Digital Marketer

100% Placement Assistance by Aadme

As the top digital marketing institute in Kanpur, AADME boasts a powerhouse Placement cell. With deep industry connections and dedicated teams across head office and zones, we meticulously match students with region-specific job and internship prospects, ensuring you land your dream role.

Live Practical Session

During the digital marketing course in Kanpur, you’ll Get hands-on experience with digital marketing, in our immersive live training sessions which leads you to go beyond lectures and gain real-world skills.

Paid Internship

Get paid to learn! Turn theory into reality with paid internships alongside industry pros. Learn by doing and launch your career with confidence by enrolling in this digital marketing institute in Kanpur.

Get Funds for Ads

Only this digital marketing institute in Kanpur will help you to turn your ad ideas into reality! Access dedicated funds and gain the hands-on experience you need to launch your marketing career.

Resume Building

No more resume writer's block! Our expert coaching helps you build a resume so powerful, it opens doors to your dream career.

Mock Interviews

Don't leave your interview to chance. At the end of the digital marketing training institute in Kanpur, you’re going to face expert feedback and refine your skills in our immersive mock interview sessions.

Feedback on Interviews

Don't let interview nerves hold you back. Our expert feedback sessions help you shine under pressure and unlock your full potential.

Earn Certifications That Matter in Today's Market

AADME, (top digital marketing institute in kanpur) provides 7+ international certifications, including Google and HubSpot, unlocking your career potential. Earn the Course Completion Certification for your LinkedIn spotlight.

Course Completion Certification

HubSpot Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Digital Marketing Consultant Certification

Google Search Ads Certification

Google Display Ads Certification

Google Video Ads Certification

Google My Business Certification

Discover the Bonuses That Await You at AADME

AADME, the best top digital marketing course in Kanpur, guarantees placements AND loads you up with career-boosting bonuses for your career development.

Lifetime Mentorship

Nation's Best Trainer

Lifetime Access to Asia's Biggest LMS

Unlimited Doubt Sessions

Paid Internship

Free Website (Domain+Hosting)

Internship Guaranteed

Get Funds to Run Real Time Ads Project

100% Job/Business Assistance

Build Your Agency in 90 Days

7+ International certifications

Work Experience Letter

Tools and skills, all in one! Learn the industry's top tools

No more theory, all action! Get your hands dirty with the industry's most powerful tools and build the skills that employers crave for.


AADME, (the best digital marketing institute in kanpur) helped thousands in India and Asia land their dream jobs at top companies. Let's add your story to our success list.


Digital Marketing Analyst

Priyanka Makheja

Cracks 6.5 LPA

Untitled (1)

Agency Owner (Dreams Design)

digital marketing course in Marathahalli

Krishna Puranik

Earn 12Cr+ PA



Digital Marketing Expert


Cracks 7.5 LPA

Untitled (10)

Agency Owner (My Content Cafe)

Vedant Singh

Earn 50+ LPA


Agency Owner (Royalspike)

Saurav Sen

Earn 30+ LPA


Agency Owner (Thinkmuse)


Earn 16+ LPA


Marketing Manager (Australian Liquor Marketers)

digital marketing course in Marathahalli

Gunjan Vaidya

Earn 1.8 cr PA

1523432261356 (1)


Media Activation Executive


Cracks 4.5 LPA

Untitled (11)


Digital Marketing Expert

Neha Kumbhare

Cracks 4.8 LPA

Untitled (3)


Paid Media Expert

Vicky Singh

Cracks 5 LPA

Untitled (8)


Digital Marketing Manager

Sharfan Ahamed

Cracks 11 LPA

Untitled (7)


Digital Marketing Executive

Akshay Singh

Cracks 5 LPA


Agency Owner (Digital Affluent)

Tushar Lale

Earn 10+ LPA


Agency Owner (Nezler Technologies)

Gaurav Kumar

Earn 12+ LPA

Digital Sagar Suresh

Agency Owner (Strokes Media)

Nihar Choudhary

Earn 6 LPA


Agency Owner (ProtonX Media)

Muskan Diwan

Earn 6 LPA


Agency Owner (Brandtoast)


Earn 5 LPA


Agency Owner (Digital PRC)

Jagmohan Singh

Earn 10 LPA


Digital Marketing Executive (Digital PRC)

Nidhi Tiwari

Earn 3 LPA


Google Ads Expert

Sachin Singh

Cracks 4 LPA

Untitled (4)

Sr. SPS Associate (Amazon)

Ketan kishor panda

Earn 6 LPA

Freelancer (Clinilaunch)

Debanjan Mondal

Earn 5 LPA


Agency Owner (CastleGrow)


Earn 4 LPA


Agency Owner (Risen Era)

Ruchika Kurele

Earn 4.2 LPA



Digital Marketing Executive

Shani Verma

Cracks 3.1 LPA

Untitled (9)


Content Writer


Cracks 3 LPA

Untitled design (34)


Digital Marketing Executive

Untitled design (29)

Joyson Prajwal

Cracks 6 LPA

Untitled (5)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding AADME, the best digital marketing course in kanpur:

What topics are covered at the Aadme's digital marketing course course in kanpur?

The digital marketing course at AADME covers a wide range of topics including SEO, social media marketing, content strategy, PPC advertising, analytics, and more, ensuring that you gain a holistic understanding of the field.

What are the fees for the digital marketing course at the AADME Institute in Kanpur?

For detailed information regarding the fees for the digital marketing course at the AADME Institute in Kanpur, please refer to our official website or contact our admission team directly.

Is there an option for an offline mode of learning at AADME’s digital marketing institute in Kanpur?

Yes, the AADME Institute offers an online digital marketing course in Kanpur, which provides students with the opportunity to learn in a classroom environment and interact directly with instructors.

Can I enroll in a digital marketing offline course at the AADME Institute in Kanpur?

Certainly! The AADME Institute offers an offline mode of learning for digital marketing course in Kanpur, enabling students to participate in hands-on sessions and receive personalized guidance.

How does the AADME digital marketing institute stand out in terms of course pricing in Kanpur?

The AADME Digital Marketing Institute is renowned for offering high-quality courses at competitive prices in Pune. For specific details regarding course pricing, please visit our official website or contact our admission team for assistance.

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