UTM Parameter Builder | Campaign URL Builder

UTM Parameter Builder | Campaign URL Builder

This UTM Parameter Builder tool allows you to create campaign parameters for your URLs so that you can easily measure the performance of your campaign in Google Analytics 4.

Please enter your website url & campaign details

Fill out all the required field (marked with *) and other information related to your campaign. Once you fill all the details and click on generated url a final url with multiple utm codes will generated automatically that you can use on your campaign. As well as you can generate the shorten also by clicking on shorten url.

UTM Parameter Builder

What is Campaign URL Builder?

A campaign URL builder is a tool that allows you to add campaign parameters to a URL to capture the data about a particular campaign. If you want to track the performance of your campaign in an analytics tool then AADME campaign URL builder might be useful for you. You can easily track how much traffic is generating your campaign, where the traffic is coming from, and how visitors are interacting with your website by generating UTM parameters from the AADME campaign URL builder. These pieces of information are very important to evaluate the campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.

For example, if you are running a Google Search ad and have used the UTM URL, you can easily track traffic to know the performance of a campaign.

It also helps you to pinpoint the key performance of an underperforming campaign. Overall UTM Google UTM builder is a useful tool for your ads

UTM Parameters / UTM tags / UTM codes

In the Google UTM builder, UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module, attach to the end of a link that redirects to your website. It helps you to track the website traffic or performance of any ads easily. UTM parameters, UTM tags, and UTM codes are the same, only name is different.UTM parameters are made of five parameters.

Parameters of UTM Parameters

There are five different types of UTM parameters that can you add to your URLs.

UTM Parameters UTM Description
Campaign ID In Campaign Id, you can give the specific numbers to your campaign, so that you can easily figure out your campaign via numbers. For eg Campaign 1, Campaign 11, etc.
Campaign Source During using Google utm builder, Campaign Source is also known as Utm_source. This parameter helps to identify the website, app, or any other platform where the link was shared. For eg Facebook, Youtube, etc.
Campaign Medium In the Google campaign URL builder, utm_medium or a campaign medium is the parameter to specify the name of the marketing method or medium. Such as social, CPC, Banner Ads, etc.
Campaign Name Here you have to mention the name of your campaign in the Google campaign URL builder. e.g. promo, product launch, winter sale, etc.
Campaign Term It helps to identify the keyword used in paid search ads. e.g. Running shoes, Vacation deals, etc.
Campaign Content You can easily identify the context in which the link will click. Here you can write the CTA (Call To Action) or the headline of your ad in the Google campaign URL builder. For example, buy now, Top Navigation, etc.

Why Are UTM Parameters So Valuable?

UTM parameters are so valuable because it helps to make Google Analytics reports in better way. Without the UTM tag (which is generated by the UTM campaign builder), it is almost impossible to understand whether a click from social media like Youtube or Linkedin is an ad campaign or an organic post.

But due to UTM codes, you can easily track the data in your analytics tools. In the analytics tool, you can also track which ad variation gives more valuable traffics.

With the help of UTM parameters which are generated by utm campaign builder, it is also possible to track the smallest details in your campaigns. It is very easy for you to see which campaign is profitable for you and which one is not performing well.

URL created by google analytics url builder is the attribution language of most of the marketing platforms and all analytics tools.
So, you may create a URL with AADME google analytics url builder for Google Analytics, but you can also use it to feed the data to your other software.

Suppose you are using a CRM system or a customer data platform, you can easily feed data into these tools.

Anatomy Of a URL

Campaign URL Builder | UTM Campaign Builder | Aadme

A URL contains several parts and each part has a specific meaning. To build a valid URL, each part should be put together correctly.


Website URL “?”: The presence of Question marks shows that there are more UTM parameters that have to follow in the given URL. “&”: It gives a signal to analytics that other UTM parameters have to follow.

“utm_source=youtube” indicates that a particular visitor came to your website from a YouTube link.

“utm_medium=social”: This particular parameter indicates that your website is getting traffic from social media platforms.

“utm_campaign=utm-builder-launch”: It means that the campaign name is "UTM-builder-launch".

How To Create a UTM Parameter?

You can create a UTM parameter by following two simple ways one is an AADME utm campaign builder and another is a manual option.

AADME campaign builder is the easiest way to create UTM parameters. You can instantly generate a ready-to-use URL for your campaign based on your needs. Here you have to just fill in the blanks in the utm parameter builder and have to click on generate URL.

To create url manually, you have to add each UTM parameter at the end of your link by attaching the “?” symbol. After that follow the “&” symbol between all parameters.

AADME utm parameter builder is a tool that helps you to. The UTM parameter generated by the utm parameter builder is nothing but a special code snippet that is added to a link to track the performance of a campaign. It helps to understand the path by which visitors are coming to your website.

Avoid Mistakes During Using Google Analytics URL Builder

  1. Make your URL should contain only one question mark (?).
  2. Each parameter should start with an ampersand (&). So must check it.
  3. The best way is to avoid special characters such as #,@, and =
  4. Don’t forget to add http or https in your URL.
  5. Make sure to convert your parameters to lowercase.

Follow the table given below for a better understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a campaign URL builder?

Campaign URL builder is a tool to generate UTM parameters (custom campaign parameters) to track the data of the campaign

How do I create a campaign URL?

Fill out all the given files in the AADME Campaign URL builder and click on generate URL. You will get the campaign URL.

  1. Website URL – Write the full website URL (e.g. https://www.aadme.co)
  2. Campaign ID. The ads campaign id. eg 123456
  3. campaign source The referrer (e.g. Google, newsletter)
  4. campaign medium eg email
  5. campaign name eg winter-sale
  6. campaign term eg beachwear
  7. campaign content eg ad-banner
Is the AADME campaign URL builder free?

Yes, the AADME campaign URL builder is a free tool. It helps you to track the high-value traffic

What are the 5 UTM parameters?

Here is the list of five UTM parameters:

  1. utm_source
  2. Utm_medium
  3. Utm_campaign
  4. Utm_term and
  5. utm_content
How does the AADME Campaign URL builder work?

AADME Campaign URL builder helps you to add the tracking code to your URL. This code gives high-value traffic data regarding your campaign.