How To Find Your Target Audience On Instagram?

how to find your target audience on instagram

The essential part of marketing is having knowledge about Instagram’s target audience. Instagram’s algorithm is all about user experience.

You create consistent content for your target audience in order to engage them and learn what they like.

To engage them with the right content, you must know their exact live timing and employ a variety of other strategies. So it’s important to learn “how to find your target audience on Instagram.” There are different strategies and tactics to target audiences on Instagram.

You have to keep in mind that you need to focus on the audience first, then your post.

Your follower count is worthless if the follower base does not convert into customers. So it is important to find, reach, attract, and engage your target market on Instagram. We should know how to reach our target audience on Instagram; it’s the very first part of developing an Instagram strategy. Keep reading this blog, where you get to know about “how to identify your target audience on Instagram,” tools and strategy, and much more.

how to find your target audience on instagram
  1. The first step is to select your niche.
  2. Select the size of the audience
  3. Make the buyer persona 
  4. Explore the competitor’s audience
  5. Use the search tool or tactics to discover new audiences.
  6. Use Instagram Analytics to track your follower base.

Here Are 11 Ways On How To Find Your Target Audience On Instagram

1. Start with a far-reaching buyer persona.

If you have a defined buyer persona, then it will make sense to use this information to define target audiences. Ask yourself what is your product, what kind of this product is, what value give this product to your customer and fulfillment of your audience’s requirement.

2. Let’s check your Instagram demographics.

It is very important to check your Insights. It will make it easy to understand customer data. So how do you check out your current audience on Instagram? For that, you have to check your Instagram insight and analyze the types of users who are in your follower base. For that, you have to click on the Instagram Insight tab. Under Insight, click on the Audience option. Under Audience, tap the followers. Change the time period to 30 days or 7 days and analyze according to that. There are 3 major options that appear on this page: age, gender, and location. In that option, you get a lot of information, which will be useful for analyzing your followers.

Age: In the Age section, you get to know people according to the age factor. You get an age range.

Gender: It shows the number and percentage of followers who are male and female. Gender is a very important term. If you are the owner of a jewelry shop, then female people are your target audience. So gender is helpful to understand business and people’s behavior.

Location: You can find the location where you get more engagement. Instagram tracks your top 5 countries and cities where your followers are located.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

3. Competitive Analysis

The Phlanx Influencer Auditor Tool is used for conducting competitive analysis. Many have “How to know your target audience on Instagram?” this question. The answer is: You can find your target audience on your competitor’s following list. Simply you can visit your competitor account and click on Followers. Your target audience might be followed by your competitor. so here you easily get your target audiences.

4. Leverage the right hashtags

If you use the right hashtags, you get the right audience related to your niche. That means the right audience will follow your brand. So here you get followers, which have the highest possibility of converting into leads. It is important to use a hashtag that is related to your content so that the right and related audience can approach you. Thus, by using the appropriate hashtag, you can reach your target audience on Instagram

5. Location Tag

Many marketers have a common question: How to reach your target audience on Instagram? You can use location tags in your post to increase reach. Location tags enhance your visibility.

6. Make polls and ask your audience questions.

Engage with your audience by asking questions related to your brand or your product. The interested audience connected with you by giving an answer. This can be your lead. You observed your audience by engaging with them. It will improve your target market, and thus we get the answer to “how to know your target audience on Instagram.”

In the poll, you connected with your audience by asking about those likes-dislikes, any interests, and hobbies.

7. Awareness

Actually, this is the very first step. Once you decide on your niche, then your next step is to work on brand awareness. More than a billion users are on Instagram. So it is necessary to be aware of your brand among your audience. It helps to get your brand or product closer to your audience.

8. Respond and view comments to the other posts.

If you engage with the audience through commenting or viewing other posts, it helps to get you closer to your audience. You can read the comments on articles, you get ideal audiences. Thus, you reach your target audience on Instagram.

9. The Discover People Feature

Go to your profile, click on the top right side of the menu, and then you will discover the people. You get people with similar profiles as your target customers.

10. Observe accounts that have a similar kind of target audience.

More Instagram followers imply greater trust in your brand or product. On other accounts, you can observe audiences through likes and comments. If this is similar to your target audience, you should immediately follow them. Thus, you get to know your target audience, and you get the solution for “how to reach your target audience on Instagram.”

11. Stalk your follower.

Stalking to other people is not the correct way. But if the thing is about Instagram, for your business, you need to stalk your most engaged follower. Check your post and search who is the one do like and comments regularly on your post. so go to their profile. Check what they like to post and what hashtags they used. Also very important what captions they used and who they follow. You get a lot of data about that person. Such people are relevant to our business. Thus, how you can reach your target audiences.

I hope this blog is helpful to you. Comment to us if there is any question.

Alok Kumar Badatia

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