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If you are a Blogger or Content Writer or YouTuber or working as a freelancer, you must have heard about ChatGPT and ChatGPT Prompts.


If yes, then am 100% sure as a freelancer & digital marketer you want to know how to use ChatGPT & ChatGPT prompts on your work on a daily basis.

So that you can get quick & faster results via using ChatGPT Prompts.

Let’s understand ChatGPT & ChatGPT prompts to get the result in a faster way.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI content generator that works on machine learning technology which enables computers to automatically generate content.

Probably if you have heard about it, you must have tried it once or more.

Did you find it useful for your work? Or, you just went there and tried but you didn’t get results as per your expectations.  

Is that so?

ChatGPT Prompts

If Yes, then you probably have missed the basic things that you should know about it and the process of how to use it.

Don’t worry my friend…

After reading and understanding this article, you will know exactly how to use ChatGPT for your purpose.

So let’s know about ChatGPT, ChatGPT prompts, and many more terms so that you can use them properly for your freelance work and save your precious time.

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

Basically, prompts are a short form of text or phrases that we input into any AI generator including ChatGPT to get results accordingly. So when we use it for ChatGPT it’s called ChatGPT prompts.

Or we can say this as a signal or a command to tell ChatGPT to adopt the behavior of a particular industry according to your niche or business type to match the required result.

Your output result would depend upon your input ChatGPT prompt. The better the input prompt, the better the output result will be.

ChatGPT Prompts for Freelancers

If you are a freelancer, you could save time while working on your projects by using ChatGPT prompts to get results as per your queries.

And if you are in the field of writing, whatever your niche is, you will get wonderful results for your queries but, but, but…

It would just depend on which ChatGPT prompts you put as the input command.

If you put the right pieces of words or phrases as ChatGPT prompt, you will get results better than your expectations.

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How to use ChatGPT prompts in freelancing?

As a freelancer, there are some questions that arise in my thought such as:

How can be useful ChatGPT for freelancers?

Have you ever thought about it as a freelancer for your work?

Do you also have such questions in your mind?

Or you just started using it without knowing how exactly it can help you in your work.

No worries…

This article elaborates on its uses, benefits, and whatever is important for your work in as much detail as possible.

If you want to get professional results from ChatGPT for your freelancing work, you have to input ChatGPT prompts accordingly.

As I already said your ChatGPT output depends only upon your input prompts.

For example, if you put a plain command such as “Write a blog on the topic of healthy food” as a ChatGPT prompt, you will get a plain article without any perfect outlines or well-arranging order.

Which would not be suitable for your professional work and wouldn’t match the professional requirements that you have expected for your projects. 


So, what would be the best way to use this AI tool which is called ChatGPT?

The simple but most important answer is: to use the right and exact prompt for your required project, and believe me, it is easy to use.

All you need to do is to choose the prompts that match your project requirements. 

You can follow some easy steps to get better results for your freelancing projects as given below:

  • You can do more customization on your prompts if the result does not match your expectations.
  • You can refine the input ChatGPT prompts until you get your required result.
  • Put your ChatGPT prompts to the point as per your project need.
  • Include project type, word limit, proper outlines, etc. within your ChatGPT prompts.
  • Customize the tone, writing style, target keywords, etc. in your prompts.
  • Make sure that your article is error-free as per your project requirements.

chatGPT for freelancers

Few examples of the best chatGPT prompts for freelancers:

If you are a freelancer or you are working on a project, maybe the examples given below are useful to give you some basic idea of using ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Act as an SEO content writer: In this prompt, we are telling ChatGPT to act as an SEO content writer before starting to write on our project.
  1. Consider yourself a health expert: Through this prompt, we are telling ChatGPT to consider it as a health expert so that our results can match our project’s requirements.
  1. Act as a Social Media Manager: Write a catchy Instagram headline on ChatGPT popularity”.
  1. Act as a professional content writer: Write a blog outline on the pros and cons of AI tools and the effects on the tech industries.”
  1. Act as a brand manager: Generate a full branding strategy for a company in the travel industry”.

Hence these are examples of random ChatGPT prompt ideas that can be used as per your project requirement.

Here are some more examples of ChatGPT prompts to get more clarity about this thing:

best chatGPT prompts for freelancers

For example, as a freelancer if you are working on a project and you have to do keyword research for your project. With the help of ChatGPT prompts you can get trending keywords like other keyword research platforms. 

Some prompts are given below as an example:

  1. “Write a list of short-tail keywords related to the health niche.”
  2. “Write a list of long-tail keywords for the education industry.”
  3. “Find 10 trending keywords on the topic: Digital Marketing.”
  4. “Generate 5 keyword phrases to write a blog on health and fitness niche.”
  5. “Write some trending keywords to write a blog on the topic: How to make money online in 2023?”

And so on…

I hope you got some idea from the above examples that how to and which type of input prompts you should think of and apply on the AI tool ‘ChatGPT’ to get better results for your enquires. 

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Benefits of ChatGPT prompts for freelancers:

It is always very challenging to find new and fresh ideas when we have to think about writing for some topics especially when working on multiple projects in similar niches. 

In this situation, AI tools like ChatGPT can be very useful for freelancers to generate new ideas and improve their writing skills.

how to use chatGPT prompts in freelancing

By using proper ChatGPT prompts for our projects we can save time and can utilize it for other work or projects.

We will discuss some benefits of ChatGPT prompts for freelancers and explain how useful they can be:

  1. Time Saver: Usually as Freelancers we struggle to get new ideas quickly for our projects which is very time-consuming. But with the help of ChatGPT prompts, we can save time and get started on their projects right away. The prompts provide a starting point for writers to develop their ideas, making the writing process much more efficient.
  1. Increase Creativity: Being a freelancer you need to be more creative so that you can manage the projects in the best way. And this could be possible with the ChatGPT prompts which would be really helpful for freelancers to develop their creative skills. By putting prompts on different topics you can get more unique ideas than you just thought of and of course, this will enhance your writing ability on new topics.
  2. Inspires When You Are Stuck: It’s not easy to come up with new ideas all the time. At this point, you can feel stuck. You can feel uninspired and struggling.

At this stage with the help of ChatGPT prompts, you can get the inspiration that you need and continue writing and working on your projects.

  1. Improves Productivity: When you use AI tools like ChatGPT, you can explore it in different ways to improve your productivity while you are working on your projects as a freelancer. You can use ChatGPT prompts for brainstorming and fresh and creative ideas for quality content.
  1. Suggest Results For Different Topics: If you are a freelancer, you have to work on different types of projects simultaneously. And when you have less information about some of your projects, you are looking for more information on the internet. 

So here is the situation when you can use ChatGPT prompts to get ideas on a wide range of topics such as health, education, finance, marketing, etc.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, for freelancers, the ChatGPT prompts have proved to be a boon.

They are time savers, and creativity boosters, provide inspiration, improve productivity, and provide results on a wide range of topics.

ChatGPT prompts can also enhance writing skills by using them on a regular basis as this would be responsible for improving the vocabulary and grammatical terms.

By using ChatGPT prompts regularly, freelancers can improve their writing skills, attract more clients, and build a strong portfolio that showcases their expertise and versatility as a writer.

Hence as long as you use ChatGPT for freelancing, you can improve your overall writing and research skills.


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