Unrevealing Benefits of LinkedIn for Freelancers That Nobody Tells You

benefits of linkedin for freelancers

LinkedIn is the largest professional & social network on the internet. It is possible to make use of LinkedIn to search for the perfect work or internship opportunity, establish and build professional connections, and acquire the knowledge that will help you succeed in your job and business. 

Also, there are several benefits of LinkedIn for freelancers and business owners. The LinkedIn platform can be accessed via a computer or via LinkedIn mobile app.

If you’re looking to get noticed and are keen to gain higher-paying clients through LinkedIn then this article is specifically for you. 

There are various questions that come to the mind of freelancers which are as follows:

  1. How does Linkedin help freelancers?
  2. What is the best platform for freelancers for networking?
  3. How we can do LinkedIn marketing for freelancers?
  4. Is LinkedIn good for freelancers?

Let’s learn and understand in detail more about LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn good for freelancers?

Since LinkedIn is a huge platform that has 850 million members and they are part of around 200 different countries. Thus, numerous opportunities are available to freelancers across the globe.

Whether you are an experienced or a new freelancer, you have a very good chance to showcase your talent via LinkedIn.

benefits of LinkedIn for freelancers

Yes, LinkedIn is supper amazing for freelancers especially freelance writers it’s a wonderful way to grow your network, get referrals, make friends like other freelancer friends, and find potential clients. Linkedin is a very business-focused platform. 

Benefits of LinkedIn for Freelancers:

As we all know, LinkedIn is the top platform for job seekers and professionals. Millions of people find jobs on this social media platform. 

LinkedIn is a great choice for freelancers as they are able to find new clients easily by leveraging their social connections and connecting to more expert professionals across the globe. 

As a freelancer, you can put up their LinkedIn profile page which is the foundation of your personal branding. It is like a personal marketing platform that gives you a better view of your skills and talks about your strengths. 

LinkedIn features:

Some of the features are Profile Picture, Background Photos, and Headlines which are very useful when you showcase to people your skill, work & experience. 

Here you can show a bit more about yourself what is your present role in the industry, the reason behind your work profile which you presently do, and what makes you one of the best professionals in the industry.

One of the most important points is that you optimize your LinkedIn Profile as a freelancer:

  • Include a photo of your profile – People like knowing they’re talking to a genuine person and not an automated bot.
  • Your headline should demonstrate your most important skill and the field you write about (i.e., Technology & Software Writer).
  • Place your address in the area so that this helps local customers locate them easier.
  • Keep track of your achievements and milestones in the About area.
  • Put the online link of your portfolio in your ‘About‘ section.
  • Incorporate your previous titles in your job, including school and internships.
  • Connect with friends and acquaintances.
  • Request for recommendations from people who know your skills or have benefited from your services in the past.

As we all know, LinkedIn is the top platform for job seekers. Millions of people find jobs on this social media platform. LinkedIn is also a great choice for freelancers as they are able to find clients easily by leveraging their social connections and connecting to more experts. 

LinkedIn is also beneficial to newbies, as they can get paid internships. It is important to use LinkedIn to build your LinkedIn profile to highlight your expertise and experience and highlight your professional experiences as well as your knowledge. 

LinkedIn Groups:

Linkedin Provides the option of LinkedIn Groups. As a freelancer, you can participate in these groups which will bring you into a space filled with individuals who have similar interests to your potential customers, which allows you to network with many more people. 

When you are in the group you can share your professional successes to get the attention of potential clients.

LinkedIn Connections:

Make sure you personalize your connections and follow up. You now know how to locate clients on LinkedIn However, just as important is knowing how you can connect with them.

Here’s a good point of advice: stay clear of duplicated or copied proposals. Even the tiny connect request notes that you mail to your new connection must be unique and personal.

Here are some ways to personalize your connection requests:

  • Offer insight into an article that was written by the person as the author.
  • Review their biography and comment.
  • Review their portfolio and comment
  • Review their company’s business and comment.
  • Ask a question related to the industry.

A very important key point to remember is that your initial message should not be an offer. It could just be an opportunity to start a conversation and prepare you for a potential proposal later on!

Stay in touch with your Linkedin Connections
Once you have successfully connected with your ideal clients, nurture your connections by posting engaging content. 

  • Videos 
  • Articles
  • Life Insights
  • Photos
  • Industry Insights
  • Links to Content

The Conclusion

Your professional business profile as a freelancer, the LinkedIn profile platform will allow you to connect to the business world on the internet. 

Although you may find potential clients via Facebook, Reddit, and even marketplaces for other freelancers, it’s essential to have an account on LinkedIn where you can connect with like-minded professionals around the world. 

Improve the appearance of your LinkedIn profile to reflect your personal style and skills.

Also, you should regularly post content to the LinkedIn page. Make sure you are an active LinkedIn user – to ensure that your connections and potential buyers are constantly kept informed that you are there. 

This will also give them more insight into what you’re like as a professional.

So, not you have learned about the benefits of LinkedIn for freelancers and the features you can use to build your professional network. 

Alok Kumar Badatia

Alok Kumar Badatia

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