The Opening Of A Blog Should Dazzle in 2020

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What do you think the opening of a blog should be? Should it have a clear hook, a lead up or a good old fashioned suspense builder?

We have put together a list of best practices on Google ranking factors so you know how to start writing a blog.

1. Always Start With A Question

The opening of a blog should begin with a question- it will draw people to the post by creating a sense of involvement.

Below are a few examples of questions which can handle the “How to start writing a blog” dilema very well:

Do you want to learn how to open your blog post more effectively?

This type of question only has one answer- “yes.” Asking an affirmative question at the beginning, can put your readers in the “yes” state of mind.

What are the most common problems that bloggers face  when they start writing a post?

This type of question doesn’t touch on the actual need. It redirects the reader to identify something they didn’t know was a need so far, hence drawing them in.

2.Go with statistics

“95.9% of bloggers say that they promote their blogs via social media”

An easy to follow blog writing tip- stating a clear fact will gather the readers trust at the outset. Using factually correct statistics also makes content a lot easier to read and a lot more interesting.  Check out the possible ways of driving traffic to your website.

3.Tell a story

If you are still confused about how to start writing a blog, go the story route. Who doesn’t love a good story? This can be a very effective way of drawing readers into your blog.

4.Go with a punchy line

The best way to grab eyeballs is to use a punchy line in the introduction of your blog.

 Ex- “Try these 5 clever methods to open your post with a big bang.” This line acts as a hook, which gets people to read further.

5.Make a claim at beginning

“This post will make you rich in 2020”

Making a clear claim of what the objective of the blog is, right at the beginning of the article is a successful way of making a reader stay on to read further. This high up on our list of blog writing tips for 2020. Want to know the common Digital Marketing Mistakes…

6.Mention Clear Benefits of Reading the Blog

“In this post I will be sharing six ways for opening a blog post that should get you started with your online writing career in no time.”

Knowing the skill sets which could be acquired through an article is always helpful. While the end goal may be to become a successful writer, the clarity of knowing that there 6 steps involved in the process, makes it a more valuable read in terms setting expectations.

We hope these blog writing tips for 2020 come in handy for you as a writer  and as a Google ranking factor. Do try them and share with us in the comments below!

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