A-Z Guide of SEO for Technology Companies Revealed ( 10 Easy Strategies)

Have you ever developed an amazing tech product/service, and were super pumped to share it with the world?

You decided to do try search engine optimisation (SEO) for your technology companies’ website, only to find out its not working!

And it’s incredibly frustrating when your incredible app or software does not see the light of the day due to poor visibility on the internet (blame lame and poor SEO techniques for technology businesses!)

In the dog eat dog world of millions of IT companies, the competition is insane and depending upon paid traffic alone can burn a hole in your pocket very fast.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for technology companies, if done right can prove to be a very effective tool in increasing search ability and bringing in the targeted traffic, thereby shooting the sales numbers sky high.

Do you know Google is presented with more than 69663 searches per second!!! That’s crazy right ?

So, what is the winning SEO strategy for IT companies you ask?

I have listed 10 ground-breaking SEO Techniques for Technology Companies that you can apply today to help buyers find you online and eventually become your customer.

1. Know your targeted audience in and out

Studying your target customers is crucial for any b2b SEO strategy to work even more so than keyword research. You should know your customers the same way you know your product. It is the very foundation on which the SEO game is played.

SEO for Technology Company should include building a detailed buyer’s persona and fleshing it out as humanly as possible. 

  • Go beyond age, gender, demographics, disposable income and behaviour. You should be well acquainted with the hopes, dreams and fears of your audience.
  • Understand your target audience like you understand your family.
  • Understand the pain points of your target traffic and develop an understanding how your IT product can solve them.
  • Do not rush this process, build a strong buyers avatar. This will help in laser targeting buyers and build a full proof SEO

 2.  Thorough Keyword Research (SEO for B2B is more specific than SEO for B2C):

Choosing the right keywords should be the very heart of SEO plan for your tech company. Search for specific long tail keywords having high search volume and comparatively lower competition.

A lot of Technology companies make the mistake of choosing keywords that are generic and show no commercial intent.

Generally IT businesses include subscription based products. To bring in traffic that will actually buy your product/service you need to choose keywords that show high commercial intent.     

Doing SEO in IT companies is not rocket science, once you know which keywords your company wants to target, sales become easier.

Some great tools for keyword research are:

  • Google keywords planner
  • Google AdWords
  • Wordstream
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword tool
  • Google autocomplete

Make a detailed list of keywords and rinse and repeat the process for every piece of content you are going to publish.

 Go to town with your keyword research and leave no stone unturned.

3. “Strong Content Strategy” beats all other SEO techniques for B2B SEO :

Do not, I repeat “DO NOT” shove keywords down the throat of your prospective buyers in the name of SEO. There is no way around this.

You have to write value providing content using chosen keywords in forms of blogs, articles, info-graphics, how to guides and detailed reports.

The smartest way to do SEO for Technology Company is to design a comprehensive content strategy:

  • Begin the process of content development by developing an “Anchor Piece” of content:

The anchor piece of content is the main/pillar content that is closely related to your tech product/service. It can be a detailed how to guide or an encyclopaedic blog which gives in depth knowledge about your product niche to your audience.

  • Then develop supporting content:

Small blogs and articles that discuss topics related to anchor content. Publish high quality information consistently to engage and retain your target audience.

  • Interlace all your content pieces to solve comprehensive problems of your targeted traffic on your website itself. Do not shy away from publishing loads of quality e- books and research papers.
  • Create separate content for each of the different stages of the sales funnel. Each content piece is going to serve a particular customer need

Dominate the industry by becoming a “one stop solution” in your niche. 

In a nutshell, answer each & every question that people are asking online before buying your products.

If you follow this process for SEO in IT companies it will build trust in your tech audience and they will keep coming back for more. Never click bait your customers.

Always remember that your content is going to be read by a living, breathing human.

Hence, Write for the human customer first and do SEO for the crawler machines next.

Better content quality leads to better relationship with customers, leading to better sales numbers.

4.  Execute the implementation of Informational Keywords in your content bank

You must understand the sales cycle in B2B IT business is longer as compared to any other industries as the Life-Time-Value (LTV) of the customers is higher & most of the revenue maximization happens with repeat sales, upsells and cross-sells.

Thus, you must ensure that you keep your buyers engaged in their buying journey and keep on answering all their questions they ask before buying, while using the product. . The best way to do it is by making a list of all the questions (informational keywords) that they ask to clear their confusion at the attention stage, consideration stage, and delight stage.

Please note- at the conversion stage, your prospect would ask questions with higher commercial intent, thus usage of transactional keywords is a must.

Bonus tip:

Use informational keywords in your resource pages that comprise of blogs, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, while use transactional keywords in your service pages that promotes data about your mainstream services or products- these pages will have higher selling intent.

5.  Re-design your IT companies’ website to make it SEO friendly:

Make your website structure organised and clean. Remove unnecessary pages which do not bring any value to your audience and which do not fetch traffic for your website.

It will help prospective buyers to easily navigate your site and help in strengthening SEO structure for your tech company.

Commercial keywords rich content should be interlinked with product selling pages.

Also interlink products to make upsell and cross sells easier.

Remove friction on your website during the entire buyer’s journey and make the buying process smoother and faster. Smooth navigation leads to smooth sales. It also makes it easy for Google bots to crawl and index your web page.

6.  Crush the Dwell Time with SEO for IT Company by Video Strategy

Significant surveys reveal that 90% of content that will be viewed on the web in 2020 will be videos.

Having said that, where do you stand as an IT or Tech company? Videos remarkably improves your engagement and helps you to boost the dwell time of your visitors.

Recently, with the launch of RankBrain algorithm, Google strongly looks at the presence of videos as strong branding signal and eventually help you rank higher.

Use of a video on your landing pages such as Home page, Product Page, Service Page, Testimonial Page and Contact Page is a must. Encourage your company executives to make Vlogs and educational videos for the resource page.

Videos will not only improve the visitor dwell time but substantially bring down your bounce rate which is one of the important ranking factors. Kick-start your enterprise YouTube channel as soon as possible. It will not help you for branding and help you drive relevant traffic to your website as well.

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7. Local SEO: Backbone of SEO strategy for Technology companies:

Having your voice heard on the internet is becoming tougher day by day.

Paid advertisements and synthetic visibility techniques are expensive and provide short term benefit while local SEO for IT Company will provide long-term value.

Technology companies can benefit the most by adopting local SEO, where they can cater to local consumer searches in real time.

Make a Google My Business Page and list your NAPW details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone No.
  • Website URL

Make your business listing attractive and keep your google my business page updated at all times. Use the researched keywords and describe your business and product as in-depth as possible.

Local listing improves ranking in google and is a key factor in SEO for b2b companies.

8. Follow Contemporary Link Building Mechanism

If you’re a tech company and still wasting time in traditional backlink creation mechanism, it’s the time to change your plan.

Run an outreach campaign to connect with the tech bloggers and convince them to link back to your site.

Collaborate with influencers to your share your content and help you reach to your potential audience. The more footfall your drive to your website higher the chances of ranking on Google.

Keep a track of your competitors’ backlink strategy and use tools such as Afrefs to build better rank than theirs.

9. Mobile friendliness and site loading speed:

A mobile friendly website forms a big part of effective SEO for technology companies as using internet on mobile devices is becoming the norm and the internet is the heart of a technology business ecosystem.

Multiple surveys reveal that more than 60% of search are from mobile devices.

Slow loading websites will only increase bounce rates and drive traffic away. It can cause serious dips in your product visibility.

Some tools to check loading speed are

  • Page speed insights
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

Everybody hates websites with stretchy fonts and contents that do not fit on the mobile screen. Hence make your tech website mobile friendly.

 Trust me this simple change is going to significantly increase traffic on your site.

10. Testimonials and reviews: Boon for SEO for B2B

More than 88% of online buyers confirmed that they rely on reviews and testimonials for taking purchase decisions.

Testimonials is a powerful tool that can help your prospective buyers to click the buy now button.

Ask your existing buyers to leave genuine positive testimonials and reviews of your product/service.

It creates trust and affinity for your products and also establish credibility in the eyes of the customers.

Place these testimonials along with pictures of existing customers on your home and product page of your website.

We’d also recommend to motivate your happy customers to share video testimonials.

11. Regular SEO audit for IT companies:

After following the entire process of above mentioned SEO for your IT Company, comes the last step called the SEO Audit.

An SEO auditor will review your complete SEO strategy and find glitches and hidden technical problems that are stopping your website to rank higher on google.

SEO auditor will enable SEO crawlers to read your entire website and highlight technical SEO problems. This will provide an in depth analysis into what’s working and what needs to be reiterated.


This was our secret sauce for doing SEO for Technology companies. (See there was no magic potions, huff and puff involved.)

I know for a fact that it can be a bit overwhelming to do SEO for IT companies as the competition is ruthless.

Want to learn the end-to-end Digital Marketing & SEO strategy for your business- get trained with Alok Academy!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, if you have any query or question you can comment below in the comments section. We will be happy to help.

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