Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2020 – 51 Surefire Methods

Driving Traffic To Your Website, Drive Traffic To Website

Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2020. Anytime you meet a business owner or marketer, you will see that they like one thing in common- “New Customers”. One of the most efficient ways of acquiring new customers is through your business website.

As a logical next step, I am going to show you how to increase traffic to your website in 51 different ways. In the modern digital world where everything has gone online, and we all need to know how to make our website stand out from the others and how to reach the right people. So, this kind of endeavour involves a lot planning and strategy.

But before we delve deeper, let’s get an overview of why drive traffic to our website is so important.

     Accurately tracked footfalls on a website are a clear indicator of marketing strategy success or failure.

      SEO and search engine credibility are positively impacted with high website traffic numbers.

      High website traffic generates new customers, leads and conversions.

      Backend analytics of a website traffic gathers meaningful insights about audience which further help in creating efficient marketing strategies.

To reach the milestones mentioned above, and to employ the right strategies for our domain and area of expertise. Driving Traffic To Your Website is a very achievable goal- when done correctly.

Without further ado, here are the 51 ways which can be used in different permutations and combinations to Driving Traffic To Website in 2020.

1.Powerful Headlines

         The headline is the most important aspect of any content piece. It introduces the story to the audience and also sets the tone for what is to come. So, strong headline is required to break the clutter and grab the audience’s attention quickly. Without a strong headline to lead the content, and even the most informative and well written content or blog post may go unnoticed or ignored. But before we go any deeper, we must master the art of strong Headline Writing. This way also you can Driving Traffic To Your Website.

2. Advertise

Paid advertising is another efficient way to promote content. There are multiple advertising options for us to pick from, and depending on the business area, content tone and audience:
          – Display ads
          – Search ads
          – Video ads
          – Social media advertising
          – Brand awareness ads
To get the best results of Driving Traffic To Your Website from the advertising strategies- we need to think deeply about audience targeting, and ad appeal and ROI.

3. Go Social

Only uploading great content is no longer enough to reach the Target Audience. So, using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc is a great way to leverage content with very little investment.

Again, depending on the domain speciality and the product being sold, the right platform must be used to meet end goals.

For example- a B2C cosmetics company, may find most attraction and engagement with image and video sharing sites like Facebook and Instagram; whereas a B2B cloud services company may find better traction on Linkedin and with a whitepaper. So, this way you can Drive Traffic To Your Website.

4.  Create and Use Infographics

The best way of sharing data heavy content with the audience and simplifying it to infographics. In this day and age of short attention spans and even shorter interest spans, we need to showcase as much information as possible in as little space as possible.

Infographics should be easy to read and engaging. They must also tell a story and very quickly through the use of relevant charts, graphs and pictographs. 

5.  Speed Up The Website

A fast website will not only get us more traffic but also help Google search engines crawl faster through our content, and this becomes very important for what is called “Organic Traffic”.

A fast website will help us get traffic without having to pay for it, because Google favours websites that load quickly. Quick loading websites also reduce the chances of people leaving your site, and also because of the delay in loading time.

6. Keyword Research

Before creating content of any kind, we need to ask ourselves- does anyone want to read this? and if anyone searching for the information I am putting out? It works in a simple demand and supply model- no demand, means there is unused supply.

Doing a  thorough keyword research to understand what the “internet” is looking for and working backwards from there is an ideal go to strategy, but content is only as good as the need it is solving. This is another way of Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2020.

7.  Create YouTube Videos

Videos are the most viewed content across platforms digitally. And lot of people find it easier and faster than reading through long form content. The chances of our content reaching our Target Audience, goes up significantly, if we are able to create engaging and cost effective and videos of our content.

YouTube is the most widely used platform for video distribution and Driving Traffic To Your Website. While it may take a little time to build your channel, and stick with it and your “organic” traffic to the main website will see a spike through this platform. To know more.

8.  Run Webinars

Webinars are a newer way of Driving Traffic To Your Website. The unique selling point of a Webinar is that it has a very real value proposition for the Target Audience. So, if we are reaching the right people for this, the chances of them engaging in an industry based webinar of their interest area is very high.

So, the Pro Tip- try roping in a guest for a webinar session. Choose a guest who is already an established name in the industry and they will bring their own followers along to your platform too.

9. Start a Podcast.

The audio medium is the future of digital communication. So, people who have very little time and too many distractions. Podcasts are a good way of staying in the Target Audiences but the attention sphere while he or she may go about their regular tasks as well. 

This malleable nature of the podcast- which does not scream out for individual attention at all times is fast catching on. So, people listening to podcasts are normally looking for content to be deeply informative or embedded within industry specifics. Creating quality content on a Podcast will definitely set us apart as “Experts”.

10. Engage on Quora.

Quora is the most credible platform on social media these days. So, it is basically a question answering platform. With a very high tendency of Driving Traffic To Your Website, within Quora itself our chances of reaching people and solving a query or need is also proportionately high.

So, we need to find Quora users who have a need in our area of speciality and answer their queries as best as we can. Quora is very quality conscious and will Up vote a good answer as fast as it will down vote a bad one. If we are ethical and genuine about the help we are offering, and if it is a sure fire way of driving traffic to our website from people who want a deeper level of information from what was already offered on Quora.

Driving Traffic To Your Website, Drive Traffic To Website

11.  Master Retargeting and Advertising.

It is foolhardy to operate any business online and not practice Retargeting. It is like literally leaving money on the table. So, the main premise of Retargeting is to expose the Target Audience to our brand multiple times to help guide him or her towards our website within an array of choices available.

The people who have visited our website once, need to be tracked on other social media platforms and targeted again. So, this process is very simple now with a tracking code easily embedded in the backend of the business website, which does most of the work for us. The objective is to Drive Traffic To Website and finish the conversion process with a purchase.

12. Promote Content On Social Networks.

While we may be very active social media users, but we may be putting out our content with the hope of organically reaching our Target Audience the algorithms behind social media platforms restrict us from doing so.

Like every business, and social media platforms also need to find methods of monetization and they will push out paid content more than unpaid content. Even if a person “likes” and “follows” our business page, the platform will not show the content to them on every occasion.

So, in order to reach the right people we sometimes need to “boost” our posts or pay to promote it to a custom audience of our choosing.

13. Engage in Offline Meet-Ups.

While the idea is to promote our business online, we cannot undermine the importance of meeting industry leaders and peers offline as well. It is imperative for all businesses to occasionally go to events and meet other people in the same spheres and participate in the sharing of ideas.

So, only when we meet new people, will we learn more and grow more. Our recommendation is to try to attend these sessions at least once a month. Which is another way of Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2020.

14.  Freebies

We all love a free meal, don’t we? It works the same way online. So, offering products and services for free works as a great hook to get Target Audience to our business website.

The freebie should be connected to the product we are offering and add enough value to the customer for him or her to want to come back for more. 

For example- a digital marketing course could offer a free webinar, or a cooking range company could offer a free recipes Ebook. Both these offerings are relevant to the business area and add value to the end customer without causing a major dent on the profit margins and on the business and Driving Traffic To Your Website in 2020.

15. Write For One Person.

While we want to reach thousands of people through our articles and blogs, we need to define the ideal customer before we start writing for everyone. When we sharpen our idea of the customer profile, only then will we be able to empathise with him or her and write content that is relevant and enjoyable to this person.

So, this may sound restrictive, but it has been tried and tested- brands that target everyone, miss the mark by a long shot. Brands that target that one ideal consumer end up reaching the right people and who look alike of the persona that we have created.

16. Use Long-Tail Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords are three or four word long search phrases. These are very helpful and that is for the following reasons:

       –         Easier Rankings– Long Tail Keywords have lower competition as most people tend to steer towards single phrase keywords which are safer but when casting a wide net. However, if we are very clear with our business offering, we should not shy away from using Long Tail Keywords. So, these are specific and niche and will only be searched by the right people.


     –         Higher Conversions– People who search for Long Tail Keywords and are usually consumers who are “late “ in the buying process. These are people who have become aware of the product, and gathered information and evaluated options. They are in the final decision making stage. It is at this point that their online searches will also become a lot more specific. So, hence, the probability of a Long Tail Keyword converting to sale is a lot higher than that of a single keyword. To know more..

17.  Post The Content to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and the number of users on LinkedIn is something to be reckoned with but leveraged to promote our own content.

However, we need to be conscious of the medium that we are using. We need to make our content sound more professional to be taken seriously on a business networking platform, which will eventually end up in Driving Traffic To Your  Website.

18. Employ Internal Linking.

Internal Lining is when we reference old content on our website and in newer posts. This is done through creating relevant links to articles and which we have published within our own site and help give a deeper meaning to the article at hand.

So, this helps Google in identifying our posts as relevant and borrow the ranking of the old post for the new post as well. This also gives Goolge bots clarity in identifying the structure of our website. Internal Linking is a very easy way of making sure we rank better on SEO and increase in Driving  Traffic To Your Website.

19. Make a Responsive Website.

A responsive website is one that adapts to different screen sizes and is efficient. It is designed keeping in mind that the consumer may be using a PC, mobile and or tablet as a viewing device.

So, the probability of the consumer leaving the site becomes higher if the our website does not view as well on his or her mobile as it does on their PC. Our goal is to keep them on our platform as long as possible, for them to imbibe all our pages, products and offerings, hence increasing our chances of conversion. To know more..

20. Build a Community.

The primary differentiator between an online and offline business model, is that the former allows for a two way communication and while in offline models, consumers can only view ads and not have the reaction reach the brand, and in online models, consumers have the ability to give an instant reaction.

But this bridge of communication allows the consumer to feel more heard and hence invested in the brand. By building online communities- on our websites or social media platforms linking back to our website- we are encouraging consumers to be more involved and engaged with us.

So, encourage the consumer to talk, create and watch your traffic numbers skyrocket!

Driving Traffic To Your Website, Drive Traffic To Website

21. Learn From Analytics Data.

Website analytics can tell us a lot about our consumers. We can see who the consumer is, and their age group, their location,  and their interests and also what pages they visited and where they left the website.

So, this helps us understand who we should target as a new consumer- a look alike of the exiting consumer. We can also discover where this customer is to be found. We can understand which pages Drive Traffic and learn what content is working. We can also see at which point most consumers leave our website and try to reduce attrition on this page.

22. Leverage Video Content.

While YouTube is a great place to position video content, and that is not the only destination videos work well for. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also prefer video content over static or text based content.

Moreover, there is enough research to show that visual content has a higher retention rate than others. So, depending on the platform that we are using, we need to modify videos and promote them. Be it the homepage for our own website or a cover image for a Facebook Business page.

23.  Know the Competition

Identifying our competition and doing an analysis of what works for them and will give us a better idea of what may work for us too. In the online world, there is enough space for multiple players to co-exist as long as we know what the conversation is.

But as discussed before, knowing what people are looking for and answering that need is very important. Sites like BuzzSumo are an easy way of keeping tabs on what the competition is doing and access to this data, will help us emulate social conversations to bring traffic to the website.

So, participating in competition forums also helps us stay engaged and be at the heart of every relevant conversation pertaining to our business needs.

24. Attend Conferences

Delving further into the space of taking this offline, go niche about it. Don’t just have occasional coffee with the competitors, and find conferences which are very industry specific.

When at these events, our goal should not only be to learn from industry leaders, but also to be seen as thought leaders ourselves. So, this brand exercise helps create conversations, which inevitably go online.

25. Create Online Courses.

Teaching skills to potential consumers is always a great way of making their acquaintance, and be it something like “learn to market yourself digitally” or “give yourself a beauty makeover in 30 minutes”, the idea is to impart valuable information.

When targeted to the end user with specific keywords, these courses help drive traffic to our website, and another important value add of this point is that, if the course being offered to the end consumer is valuable to them in anyway, it makes it easier for the business and to collect their email addresses which are then included in the marketing funnel.

26.  Launch Products

Launching a new product is always a good way to start a new conversation, and create some noise and eventually garner attention. These products could be an addition to the range of products that are already on offer or a new category all together.

The idea is to stay fresh and relevant, and keep evolving with customer needs. This is a bit of a win situation for businesses on three levels.

       –         Increase traffic to the website.

       –         Generate revenue via sales of new product.

       –         Get customer referrals from old customer to reach new customers.

27. Podcast Interviews.

As discussed above, Podcasts are the future of communication, but as we go deeper into the game of traffic generation, it is time we delve deeper into the communication game as well.

While we may run our own channel efficiently, it helps greatly if we can collaborate and engage with other Podcast producers as well. Be it inviting them to our show to discuss their domain area or requesting them invite us to theirs.

So, the idea is to participate in this shared economy and leverage our resources to the best.

28. PPC (Pay Per Click).

PPC is a classic form of online advertising wherein businesses pay search engines like Google for showing their ads to the right consumer. The beauty of Pay Per Click is that we are able to reach the right Target Audience and pay only for the ones who are genuinely interested in our product.

So, engage in this form of advertising with a strong keyword strategy and watch the numbers go up.

29.  Organise Giveaways

I can’t stress the benefits of free stuff enough, and we all love being given things we didn’t have to pay for, but the stakes are doubled when it is high value item.

Running the occasional campaign, wherein a business could give away a high value product to a few lucky consumers would pay the brand back ten fold in terms of the noise it creates.

So, customers who win these things are more likely to share our brand name and help in the growth of the business.

30.  Speak At Conferences

We discussed earlier, the importance of attending conferences and which are area specific and handing out our business information. But, if we want to take it up another notch, speaking at said conference would be the way to go.

This helps us share knowledge with people who are directly interested in our business offering and also creating a database of interested customers who now perceive us as a “thought leader”.

31. Affiliates

The affiliate model is a great idea for those of us selling products. So, the idea is to create a network of people who help us sell our product to their network.

This model works brilliantly for 2 reasons:

         We create a database who people who are interested in our product and are  enough to try to sell it. 

         We only pay our affiliates once a sale has been made.

32. Influencer Marketing

A great way of reaching a new pool of potential customers is through someone who already has the attention of said database. Influencers are people who have a large number of followers and good engagement on various platforms.

This is a great route for getting the word out about brands and products. Working with influencer can be flexible in terms of the business model we employ.

    –         A set fee to promote brand content.

    –         A commission on all sales made through them.

             An interview with them, to get their existing database to our channels.

33. Focus On Trending Topics.

Just like we optimise keywords to see what people are searching for, and we can also alter our content to talk about topics that are trending in general. These topics don’t have to be very niche or industry related. So, even a vague connection with our offering is enough for us to optimise on trending topics to feature in the customers attention bracket.

34.  Social Media Contest

Contests on social media are a very engaging and fun way to get traffic to our websites, and they not only do they entertain people with puzzle solving and thought sharing, they help the consumer feel more involved with the brand and the prize at the end of the contest.

So, the need to go back to the brand page and check for updates is insatiable and customers are also motivated to encourage others in their network to do the same.

35.  Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of categorizing our content in the vastness of the online space. Hashtags make it easier for people looking for specific information and  to stumble upon our content.

So, just like with keywords though, deep research must be done on which hashtags are trending before we use them. Low demand will always mean unused supply.

36. Use Stories

Facebook and Instagram have a Stories feature where content is saved for a period of 24 hours. While this sounds very temporary, Stories is a great way for increasing brand awareness for the following reasons:

         People engage more with stories than regular posts.

         Stories also have a higher chance of being discovered through hashtags.

         Stories have more engagement and features- polls, contests, GIFs etc.

         The temporary nature of the story creates a sense of urgency in the customer to find out what it is before it’s gone.

37.  Social Sharing Buttons

This one goes without saying. Always make sure that blog posts have sharing options to help people spread the joy for us.

In the reverse, we must also ensure that all social channels have clear links leading back to our website.

So, the objective to create a universe of platforms which all connect with each other very easily and seamlessly.

38.  Go Live

Just like Stories, Facebook and Instagram have another feature called Live Streaming. But as the platforms themselves are trying to promote usage of this feature, and live broadcasts tend to be favoured  by Facebook and Instagram.

While the trend is still hot, we must capitalise on it, and try and use this feature as much as possible. An ideal number would be at least once a day.

39.  Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the act of reaching out to other established bloggers and offering our articles on their platform. So, this is a very wholesome way of interacting with industry leaders and growing together.

But when our content is published on an established bloggers website, it helps us gain credibility and also backlinks to our own website. So, that this method not only helps us increase our network, but also drive relevant traffic from the established blogger to our website.

40. Run FB Ads.

We have covered the broader space of Online Advertising and Social Media Advertising in our article, but I want to bring your attention specifically to Facebook as a marketing and advertising tool.

Facebook is a most relevant space for businesses that are in the B2C space, consumer products and FMCG. With the aid of eye catching communication and a heavy reliance on attractive imagery, but Facebook advertising has the potential to drive unbelievable website traffic.

Driving Traffic To Your Website, Drive Traffic To Website

41.  Refurbish Old Content

Working with content that has already worked in the past and is also a safe bet. We already know that it was relevant then,  and it has the keywords and hashtags on point- updating the same content with added current information will allow us to leverage it a second time without too much added effort.

42.  Consistency

When we add content to our website regularly and share it on social media platforms, and this helps build credibility, increase engagement and increase ranking.

So, here consumer knows they can expect more information from us and on a regular basis but they are ready to engage with it, adding those extra pages also leads Google to view us as a robust website with quality content.

43.  Update Signature

The emails that we send out everyday should also be used as a regular medium for advertisement, and the person we are communicating with is already engaged in conversation with us and the likelihood of this person visiting our website  considering it was easy access via something like email signature- is high.

44. Use Call To Action.

While it’s great but to put out content regularly, we need to be clear about what action we want taken from this content. When publishing an article, and sharing a post on social media, and even answering a query on Quora, we must make sure to give a clear Call To Action.

So, this can be something as simple as- click on the link for more information. And also giving a direction to the consumer removes the vagueness and increases conversion rates of website traffic.

45. Mobile Friendly Websites. ​

At the onset- the difference between a responsive website and a mobile friendly website is the difference between UI/UX and technology. While a mobile responsive website will ensure that the consumer has a great experience across platforms, and a mobile friendly website will ensure that the backend technology is apt for a mobile device.

So, it may not sound like a lot, the loading speed on a mobile website but can be a major differentiator between a lost customer and an engaged one.

46.  Blogger Outreach

To put it simple, this is a reverse of the Guest Blogging method. So, instead of offering our content on another blog, and the idea here is to invite other established bloggers to publish their content on our blog.

So, this mechanics work very similarly. So, both bloggers grow with a shared database and drive traffic to their own websites, and the more established the blogger is, or the more followers the blogger has, the more benefits will we see.

47. Optimise Local Search.

Google and other search engines have various algorithms but when it comes to categorizing mechanisms and listing website. Physical proximity and relevance ranks high among them. Having a physical location clearly marked out for our online business, helps us rank above a website but this could have otherwise beaten us on the strength of content, ads, keywords.

48.  Local Address To Footer

Adding a local address to the footer of every page and  helping in getting the website ranked not just on the basis of keywords etc, but also on the basis of physical proximity to searchers IP address.

So, this aids in the local search process mentioned above.

49. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are a great way to capture the attention of the ever decreasing attention and time span of the consumer. A very clear but hook in the snippet is something could help us drive that one click to our website.

They help websites via the description, rating and presentation to rank better on search engines and drive more traffic to our website.

50. Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is basically a very high quality image sharing platform. If as a business, we can visually represent our content- images, videos, Infographics, the chances of us gaining visibility on Pinterest are high.

There are two main reasons for this:

         Pinterest ranks very high on Google searches.

         Only 10% of the content on Pinterest is original, the remaining 90% are repins.

So, keeping these two points in mind, it is clear that the chances of our content being picked up and organically shared are significantly higher here. All of this visibility, eventually drives traffic to our website.

51. Use Niche Forums.

Last but not the least- So, we need to get as specific as we can. Find out what the niche forums are, and for our business areas and get active on them. The biggest advantage with a niche forum, is that while the user base is smaller than a Facebook, all the users are already interested in the topic and are more likely to engage.

For example- A technology development company should share articles and comments on Android Authority. Or a business trying to offer a holiday package should be on Tripadvisor- answering queries and driving traffic to their own travel website.

In short, we live in a whole new world- the digital world. “Online” is a space that has embraced us all. We are all connected with it and through it. These points are broad guidelines of how to best leverage this space.

So, try them and let us know how it went for you. In case you think we’ve missed out a few points that other readers could benefit from please comment below.

Lets all learn and grow together!




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