Salary Of Digital Marketing In 2020: A Full Guide

Digital Marketing Industry is growing exponentially in India and with the massive growth it is bringing in much needed new job profiles. There is much speculation around the salary of digital marketing professional in the market as the digital industry is on the boom. 

If you look at the report below from Google Trends, you’ll come to have a glance about the growth of Digital Marketing as an industry.


But what exactly is digital marketing jobs paying in these job profiles? Read on further to get realistic information on the salary of digital marketing professionals.

Whether you are a student who graduated college and is on a job hunt or struggling in operational jobs of BPO, IT sector, working in commerce or arts-related fields, digital marketing can be a lucrative industry for building a great career. The digital marketing salary in India is largely dependent upon talent, skills and the level of experience you bring to the job

Let me break down the nitty-gritty of digital marketing salary brackets in India :

1.  Fresher Level position and salary income of digital marketing fresher :

A fresher is a person who has completed his/her academic education and who is ready to enter into the job sector. The entry-level digital marketing salary ranges from 10000 to 25000 per month.

With average salary prospects being 10000-18000, which can stretch up to 20000 to 25000 per month for extraordinary candidates (who has taken up professional digital marketing courses and has in-depth knowledge of internet marketing)

We strongly advise freshers to not show Nil working experience in their CV as HR and recruiters do not like completely inexperienced candidates. Rather go for internship programs of a minimum of 6 months in the digital marketing field and build your skillset to demand higher digital marketing salary.

In case you need help in building a great resume check out this link

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2.  Salary Income of digital marketing professional with 2-5 years’ of experience :

The salary of a digital marketing professional depends upon a variety of factors, experience in the industry being the dominant one.

With an experience of 2-5 years and well versed technical knowledge of the digital marketing field, you will be offered the position of a Digital Marketing Manager or a Digital Marketing Specialist. 

At such a stage of career, you would be evaluated on any of your core skills in Digital Marketing such as SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing or Advertisement and most importantly, your campaign management skills.

Here, you can command a handsome salary up to 50000-60000 per month with additional perquisites.

3. Salary Income of digital marketing professional with greater than 5 years of experience :

Congratulations, with this level of experience and leadership qualities, you will be offered esteemed job positions of Digital Marketing Analyst or Digital Marketing Head of the company. Earning of digital marketing Analyst/head ranges from a hefty 15-20 lakhs per annum in a good company.

Digital marketing salary brackets in Bangalore will lie slightly on the higher side as compared to other cities as Bangalore is the current hot locations for the digital age companies and most booming startup ecosystem.

If you want to know more about the Indian city-wise Digital Marketing Salary ranges, follow the link here.

Digital marketing is evolving day by day with new concepts like voice optimization, native advertisement, etc emerging swiftly. The fundamental requirement for career growth in the digital marketing industry is staying up to date and learning emerging digital marketing concepts.

“A few years back a survey of Fortune 500 executive by OMI stated that company managers are not satisfied with the knowledge and skills of their digital marketing team. This skill gap is having a negative impact on their sales and ROI.”

Thus excellent digital marketing skills is the need of the hour and even if you are an experienced working digital marketing professional you need to re-equip yourself with evolving digital requirements for earning phenomenal growth in your digital marketing salaries. 

Digital marketing is a bright career choice, the best thing about digital marketing job industry being more than 50 disciplines of digital marketing to choose from, with handsome salary packages.

So now you are acquainted with the income of digital marketing professionals at all levels.

What are you waiting for the rise and shine my friend, grab this wonderful opportunity and start your ambitious digital marketing career today.

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