5 Ways to Nail Google Voice Search Optimization in Marketing : A Quick Tour!

Google voice search optimisation is the new wave in search engine optimisation, and it is going to rule the internet.

Days of typing are over, talking to a machine is becoming the norm and Google voice search optimization is revolutionizing the digital marketing game altogether with one voice search at a time.

What is voice search? We asked to google voice assistant and it replied “ Voice search, also called voice-enabled, allows the user to use a voice command to search the internet, a website, or an app.

Google hummingbird casted the foundation stone of  semantic web 3.0 and it birthed the concept of google voice search optimisation.

“In a keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that one out of every 5 queries on google are voice searches.”

“This trend of voice search optimisation by 2020 is only going to rise as around 50% of all searches will be done by voice.”

Personal assistants like Siri, Cortona, homepod, Alexa, Amazon echo and google voice assistant have seamlessly integrated in our everyday lives serving us with the plethora of information with a single command of our voice.

 How can you as a digital marketing professional take advantage of this fascinating innovation and make your web properties google voice search optimised? Well read on :

1.  Mobile friendliness is the 1st step towards google voice search optimisation:

There is no other way to put it, you have to make your web properties mobile friendly and optimise the web page loading speed. 

20% searches on a mobile device is voice based and 40% of adults now use mobile voice search at least once daily denoting that consumers are adopting this novel idea quite comfortably and prefer their mobile phones for it.

Google voice search assistant also give preference to those websites which loads faster and are compatible with mobile devices.

2. Long-tail keywords and question phrases will help voice search apps to increase visibility in voice search

Voice searches will be completely conversational and the conventional targeted keyword bombarded blogs are going to be irrelevant. Gone are the days of unwanted keyword stuffing, natural language sentences are going to rule voice search.

Traditional search focus on keywords, voice search focuses on longer and conversational words that show strong buying intent also called transactional keywords.

Google voice search optimisation strategy should include optimizing conversational phrases along with question phrases like what, how, whom, when and where of things.

SEO landscape is in for a complete overhaul and use of long tail keywords both generic and specific will increase.

3. Make your Local seo game strong to win in voice search of google

40% of voice searches have local intent which highlights the importance of local listings on google. Local voice search is widely used in google maps while driving and also while searching  places near me option. Voice searches facilitates faster information transfer, which users love.

Thus optimizing your google my business page with complete information, lots of photos, details and reviews will increase your chances to appear in the local 3 pack box. Google console will also prove to be a crucial tool for local listings.

Also most voice searches are catered from the top search listings of answer boxes and Instant answers. Thus by being local, winning in the voice search of google will become easier.

4. Design your content strategy for google voice search optimisation :

Content creation for google voice assistant is a different ball game altogether.

Your content should make sense in totality and should be designed around user experience as Google wants to become more human and provide frictionless interface between user and information.

The content writers will have to adopt conversational and personal writing style as informal and simple conversational language will gain importance in voice search.

The voice search app is not a machine anymore, it’s a constant companion and lines between     human linguistics and machine analyzing are going to blur.

Write to the point and know exactly what the user wants and answer it, it is as simple as that. Use simple language and avoid jargons to rank in voice search of google.

Relevancy of your answer to search query is of paramount importance. Google is moving towards AI and the semantic web 3.0 is providing a need for voice search where relevancy and intent of user  is everything

5. Google answer boxes are going to be voice SEO ’s holy grail :

As mentioned above using question phrases in your web properties will improve chances of visibility in google voice search optimisation. These question phrases ideas can also be found in google answer boxes where the whole question will serve as a keyword.

Same as Alexa skills , google actions are set of commands build to connect to users with google assistant which uses Natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning abilities. All these tools can be used to design effective voice seo strategy.


Voice search is still in the infant phase of developing and  the way we now interact with voice search apps is very basic , this technology is going to advance further and the future generation is going to live in the era of voice search undoubtedly.

Voice search optimisation in 2020 will be more advanced than it is today with gizmos like Alexa, Siri and Cortona invading and progressing, it is very likely for them to overtake the Google giant in the near future.

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